Green Campus Policy


Our institute is committed to reducing our environmental impact and promoting sustainability through the implementation of various policies and practices. Our goal is to create a green campus that is energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and promotes a healthy living and learning environment for our students, faculty, and staff.

Energy Conservation Policy

Institute recognizes the importance of reducing energy consumption and has implemented policies to achieve this goal. We encourage energy conservation by promoting the use of energyefficient appliances and using renewable energy sources such as solar panels. Our buildings are designed to maximize natural lighting and ventilation while minimizing the use of artificial lighting and air conditioning. Students and Staff are encouraged to turn off the energy consuming appliances when not in use.

Waste Reduction Policy:

Yashoda College of Architecture is committed to reducing waste by promoting recycling, and reducing the use of disposable products on campus. In exhibitions students are encouraged to design all art installations from recycled materials. We have implemented policies to encourage students, faculty, and staff to adopt sustainable practices, such as using refillable water bottles and reducing paper use through the use of digital technologies. YCA has signed a MOU with RIDOFT agency to handover the recycle waste generated from studios. For single use plastics we have made it compulsory to each student to collect minimum 200grams of plastic and submit it to the institute as a green initiative. This way students also encourage their family and friends to do so. The plastic then collected is submitted to the RIDOFT organization for recycling.

Water Conservation Policy:

YCA recognizes the importance of water conservation and has implemented policies to reduce water consumption. We have implemented rainwater harvesting systems, and promote waterefficient landscaping. We have also implemented policies to reduce the use of water in our operations and maintenance practices

Green Building Policy:

Our institute is committed to constructing and maintaining green buildings that are energyefficient, environmentally friendly, and promote a healthy indoor environment. We have implemented policies to achieve LEED certification for all new buildings, and we regularly perform energy audits to identify opportunities for energy savings.

Tree Plantation:

To offset the Carbon footprint YCA organizes tree plantation program with in the campus and sometimes also with help of other organizations.

Education and Outreach Policy:

Our institute promotes sustainability education and outreach to students, faculty, staff, and the wider community. We have implemented policies to educate our campus community about sustainability and encourage them to take actions that promote a more sustainable future. In exhibitions parents, other college students, people in nearby areas visit which spreads the message of designing art in everyday life from recycled materials. We try to inculcate sustainability in each and every student by making them incorporate sustainable design practices in their own Architecture designs, in order to make them responsible and sustainable Architects for the future buildings they build.

We organize regular sustainability events and offer sustainability-related courses and workshops. Our institute is committed to achieving a green campus and has implemented policies to reduce our environmental impact and promote sustainability. We will continue to evaluate and update our policies to ensure that we are doing our part to create a more sustainable future for all.